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#173925 - ” Hello my little fuckslave, and welcome to your new life, I can’t imagine that you liked me fucking you the way I did last night, or even the fact that I did fuck you. ” I swear slave if you keep acting up I’ll sell you to a gay guy to use from now on…,got it?”, she laughed cruelly grabbing his chin and spitting in his face,” You’re my sexslave now!!!, And you better get used to it! Got it!!!. Smiling wickedly she jabbed the prod into his side causing him to convulse and scream in the bondage as she continued,”…I have to get things picked up a bit first slave…then you can cum in my bum, hehe!!…Cum, Bum…it rhymes, that’s awesome isn’t it slave!”.

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Shuusei kagari
Goddess of porn
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