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#142976 - He then returned a little taste of his life expressing how his father is actually the owner and founder of the company and that he too now works for the company but as more as a salesman as he has no interest in the simplicity of a managerial role. As desert is brought toward the table Henry returns his hand to my inner thigh and I try to move it but he turns his head towards my ear as he whispers “Now eat your cheesecake like a good little girl before I tell everyone at this table about how you wear no underwear, when ‘we gentlemen’ retire to the living area later tonight. Henry leaned in towards me as he began “how are you tonight? I don’t recognise you from a previous party and I never miss a face as pretty as yours” Aww why thank you Henry you are too kind, but no you are correct I do not usually attend these parties it is just that my father had said that I must attend at least one a year as to not tarnish our family name but it seems that you may have just given me a reason

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