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#136886 - As we were eating I would turn around to talk to Eddy and I notice that Kim`s skirt was very high up her thigh you could see her pussy as she had not put her wet knickers back on, She did not see me looking as she opened her legs a little, l turned back I looked in the mirror I could Eddy looking down, I knew he was looking at her pussy (lucky shit) I looked away so as not to let on I had seen them after eating I gathered all the empties and put in the bin that was 100 feet away from the car, I stood there and looked out to the lake it was beautifully out on the lake, I looked back towards the car I saw Kim`s head come up, I am sure she was sucking, him he started to adjust himself, I came back to the car I saw Kelly in conversation whit her dad, as I got in I could see she had raised her skirt I got a fantastic view of her long legs almost as far as her pussy but not quite, as I looked in the mirror I could see Eddy tell her whit his eyes to raise it more as she turned back I prete

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