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#192325 - It was 9:37Friday night when the phone rang and my client tore right into me which set me back on my heels! Get down here and I mean right now! he shouted We've been mugged and they have Tanya! I was trying to form words as I was in shock and he hung up! It took me 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, throw some clothes in a bag, brab some American money, my passport and on the road by 9:50. My friend was magged here, your security sucks so what are you going to do about it? He began like all other wumps trying to use, bullshit baffles brains! You asshole! I said louder than I should have You let a van in the underground parking! Are you freaking nuts? Who drives a van and stays here? Fire the Bastard at the enterance! I left him standing there with his mouth open knowing major suck up would be coming.

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Crowley hamon
Stephanie tricks is her name plenty of vids on here of her