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#216167 - 'Why hello dear' china said 'how ever are you?' 'I'm grand she said' 'And fletcher? How is that boy? 'Hes good to' valkyrie said lacking conviction l 'Look child, is something wrong? Is something going on with fletcher and don't say nothing is because we both know that's a lie' Valkyrie sighed 'I can't believe I'm saying this but he isn't putting out right now' Chinas legs twitched slightly 'Child how did you get here?' 'On the bus, why?' 'One because it tells me your not speaking and two it tells me your'e horny enough to masturbate on a bus because you have cum trickling on your skirt, it doesn't ubsorb moisture' 'Crap' Val said 'anyway what do you want to know' I already know everything but I'm just thinking maybe you shouldn't get so hung up on a boy if you're not even sure you like them' '

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