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#220239 - Some men found themselves with a dozen wives that he can do what he likes with, some women found themselves at the mercy of men who had fantasised for years about the kind of pain and suffering they would inflict given the opportunity. There are four main houses: Fetish house- Girls trained to accommodate every fetish imaginable. Well done” There’s a quiet knock on the door, the Deputy head teacher of the school Charlotte Chambers pokes her head in her long brunette hair pulled tight into a pony tail “sir, the assembly is soon” she says in her South Western English accent “Shall we go over your notes?” Benjamin looks out the window one more time and takes a deep breath “yes I suppose we should” he looks down at the girl on her knees still sucking his cock with the same enthusiasms she had when she started 45 minutes ago “get your clothes and head back to your house, don’t be late for assembly” “yes sir” the young blonde-haired girl says before kissing Bens cock softly and placi

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