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#327304 - whats wrong with you harvey looked at me and said nothing your fair to busy to worry about me so i said o wow harvey really? arnt we went to fight when the baby fucking get here so i though a pillow at harvey and said you can sleep in the living room becuase im tired of this shit harvey so harvey left and when i woke up the next morning i went into the living room to find 12 read roses but harvey wasnt there so i read the card saying sorry with a love heart on it so i got my cell out and rang harvey and said thanks for my flowers baby they smell lovely so what was wrong with you last night harvey took a big breath and said im just ver tired babe thats all but i still love you even when i take it out on you i know you do baby maybe when you get home i can find a way to release your stress harvey lalughed and said im gonna hold you to it babe haha babe i dont need holding to it i can take care of it without your assistance so when harvey got home around 3ish i pulled him

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