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#30793 - We lay there for a few minutes, neither of us moved, finally I rolled on my side, I pulled his towel off, he had a beautiful cock, perfectly trimmed bush, shaved cock and balls, his legs were hairy, his chest was also hairy but trimmed down I ran my hand over his chest, dam he was so hot. I got on my knees, I had him spread his legs so I could kneel between them, I grabbed his cock in my hand, he was semi erect, with a ball of precum at the tip of his cock. I laid there I was spent, I thanked him for the blow job, he and I chatted for a bit he was from out of town, he used to live in the city but moved a year or so, he had some health issues that he had to move closer to his parents home, he was a great guy, he was single, and very sexy, his partner had left him after his illness, we were laying there and I turned to him, “I need to kiss you right now.

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