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#143246 - I see her hands going around her neck I place my hands up there also and I begin to squeeze as her eyes go wide she knows she is about to die I feel the wetness as she begins to lose control of her bodily functions and I feel my balls draw up as her eyes begins to close and I cum so hard as she takes her last breath and I look up at Priya who is moaning and groaning as I look over to see Kathy is also cumming. I feel the toy in her rubbing against my dick and I begin slapping her in the back of her head when I get an idea I look over and tell Priya that we should keep her and take her with us so we can continue to use her or make her serve us. Aahil has the dead girl taken away and I tell Kathy to have the other maid prepare a bath for me as I walk down to my room Aahil says that the deed is done and I am overcome with joy I tell him that I will honor our deal and to meet me in my room in an hour.

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