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#85090 - Flick leaned more towards my face “don’t think just put it in your mouth and suck” Flick told me softly while giving me a wink I honestly thought she was going to kiss me then. Flick then asked me if I noticed anything unusual about this morning at the same time tracing her foot up along my ankle up my thigh just hitting under my skirt, I decided to play dumb and ask what she ment she just looked at me with that kinky stare of hers asking me what I think?, I knew exactly what she was thinking but witch does she mean her showering naked in front of me or her sucking my cum of her brush or her leaving her brush for me covered in her juices. I moaned as Zayn fingered my ass i unbuckled his pants and rolled them down exposing his average sized erect cock i moved over and took his cock into my mouth sucking him up and down causing him to draw all focus to me sucking his dick he pushed my head deeper down his cock i could feel his cock push into my throat causing me to throw up in

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