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#287744 - He loves this outfit and I like it too – I always get second looks when we pass by people but when your husband is 6’4 it usually stays at just looks, from both men and more often than not, women. I asked him why and he smiled a smug little grin and said you will find out soon enough; as soon as I had them on he pulled a silver remote out of his pocket and pressed the button - my clit started vibrating and my knees grew weak I realized he had picked this thong because he had put a silver clit vibrator in them. When I got back to the table my husbands jaw was borderline on the floor and asked me what happened in the bathroom I just smiled and explained the story I could tell he was standing at full attention I noticed a man and woman sitting at a table not to far from ours with the women’s face facing the other way and the mans with a direct view of me and my husband I asked my husband could I close my legs a little because I knew he could see.

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Kokoro katsura
Needs waxing but not anyway
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I want a daddy
Such a magical placeeee