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#66693 - Cotter stood stunned, frozen in her tracks as she watched in utter dismay as her hubby was getting a good suck job from Gretta!!! Finally when she was able to speak, she was about to scream a string of expletives at her husband, but instead, she calmly asked if Gretta would kindly suck her pussy for her!!! The sixty year old matron began undressing while Gretta led he over to a large chair where she sat her down and lowered her mouth to the older woman's dripping hot box!!! Her husband watched with a bemused smile on his face as his secretary sucked his wife to a hard quick orgasm!!! Just before he closed the door and left the happy threesome, Drew suggested that Mr. Cotter, let me escort you to your husband's office!!! He opened the door just in time so that both he and Mrs. Drew made his way through the crowd up to a table where he paid his twenty bucks and picked up his box of old jewelry and knick knacks!!! As he carried his prize to the car he thought, Why in the he

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