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#204655 - It was then that I really got to give the other girl the once over, and to say that she was stunningly beautiful would be and understatement!!! As it turned out, she was the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, a combination that gave her a very exotic look to be sure!!! She had a petite stature from her Asia heritage, but it was her huge chest American size chest that I couldn’t keep from staring at!!! Anyway, and much to my stunned delight, Bonnie said the reason that they dropped in was so that Akira, that was her name, could get her tits sucked!!! Diary, my pussy literally creamed just thinking about her taking off her top and exposing her ripe chest, and as I stared in what must have been gaped jawed wonder, the little Asian-American shyly slipped off her tee shirt and thrust her huge bra encased chest right into my face!!! I was a blithering fool I’m sure, but to see such a monumental pair of tits on such a small frame was like seeing the Grand Canyon for the fir

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