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#366444 - they got the walls up for the attic and part of the roof then lunch time arrived and 4 of the 6 men left to get lunch then they would return to eat it, the other 2 had brought some sandwiches with them and as it was quite a warm day mum made them some lemonade and asked me to take it up to them as she had to run to the shops to get something for dinner, so i grabbed the pitcher and glasses for the men and took it up to the 2 men who were still onsite, i walked up the stairs and the men looked around at me and i told them mum asked me to bring this to you and i took the lemonade to them, they thanked me and asked me to join them for a drink of lemonade there was another pitcher down in the fridge for when they finished this one. After we finished i was asked to clean all their cocks i agreed and one by one they put their cocks in my mouth for me to clean them once i had finished i went and took a shower to clean up so mum and dad didn’t find out and they all got dressed and got back t

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Jotaro kujo
Insanely gorgeous
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Wish i had a roommate that d do this
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