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#196985 - He reached for a length of rope and taking her left tit in his hand, he tied a slip knot around her tit and wrapped a length around and around and then pulling on the length of rope he run it over her shoulder and tied it tightly to the rope at her wrist therefore pulling her left tit high on her chest allowing him access to what he could now see the erect nipples. OK, i do not want you to reach round again, so we will have you on your hands and knees, then you wont be able to reach round and if that don't work, i will tie you down, don't forget you asked for the crop, you want to please me, so don't do it again he said. Linda shuffled with her skirt and panties still round her ankles to the chair and that's when she noticed the large dildo on the chair, it had a rubber sucker at its base and it was exactly where she would have to sit on it to sit down.

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Yuuko yoshikawa
I just hope they all had the proper sun protection
Lexi is so perfect man
If you where close maybe