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#179947 - As I dropped Kieran and David they both said good bye, it was David promised to call again, but Kieran said I’ll be in touch the next time I’m feeling fucking. It was a cold evening the gas fire was on, Sucking David’s cock was pleasurable but my knees started to feel cramp, so I stood up and informed David, I was going up stairs for a moment, one reason my fuck hole needed lubrication and the second reason I brought downstairs a mattress from my spare bedroom, so I could place it in the centre of the lounge. David's glassy eyes were full of lust, his eyes revealed how horny he was and he began to stroke his cock through his trousers, I was standing opposite him so I parted my legs and responded to his sexual gesture, I turned round and bent over with my posterior facing him and began massaging my panty covered bottom.

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Yall need to make more longer hentais like this
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