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#189997 - Merik opens another portal and Ayame watches as the horse demon steps through, she had know idea how big horse demons are, their so much bigger than regular horses, totally white with parts of them that seem to be on fire with blue flames. As Ayame sleeps Merik touches her face, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says I'm giving her a nightmare where her now adult Orc Son is raping and impregnating her , Rikimarue smiles and says Nice, let's see if she still wants her Orc Son after that . Ayame is screaming so loud as the horse demon rapes her pussy, grunting with each thrust, after what seems like an eternity to Ayame Rikimarue smiles and says It looks like he's about to cum , then looking at Merik Rikimarue says Do you think her demon Centaur baby will be Male or Female? .

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