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#286217 - Looking down at her blood covered body aren’t you glad I choose to stay nude all the time she said beginning her own laughing fit Im saving you a fortune in cleaning bill's she added continuing to laugh as she knelt down to head level with the now dieing girl, whispering into her ear as she dies Maybe I will rot in hell, but ill still be alive in five minute's she taunted the dieing girl as she shook violently and died. During her struggle Jessica losses her balance and slips and falls to the blood covered floor OUCH!! can be heard all over the slaughter house. Pull the first girl's chain over this large tub Jerry said, Jessica walked over to the tub holding the first girls chain pulling her over the tub as she walked, the tub will catch their blood and guts as you are cutting into them Jerry said as the girls head was now over the tub, looking into the first girls eye's your going to die now bitch she said, looking to Jerry for further instructio

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