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#31365 - I could barely breathe, drowning in my own slobber and snot and tears that mixed with Genes copious pre-cum that continued to pour out of my eyes, nose, and my prick-stuffed mouth. The raggedly huffing and puffing Doggie-Daddy soon tired from his extreme fucking and stopped beating himself off with me, pulling me tighter backwards onto him with his forepaws to hold me immobile on his impossibly gargantuan Billy-Club that was gushing geysers of splooge into me in time with each of my screaming ejaculations. King shifted his position and I could feel his enormous club all steely and hot near my belly, and with each pulse of his knot I felt warm fluid spurting in a gigantic jet out of the spear point at the tip, filling my colon like a bitch’s womb.

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Your amazing
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