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#16810 - I had a perfect view of the service area of the shop. Jan returned and sat down to take off the boots and try on the red pumps, the sales girl leaned right back as she was pulling the boots down Jan’s legs all the time taking full advantage of the view provided. The electrician pulled out, went into the bathroom and returned with a hand towel which he used to wipe up the cum from her arse hole and then reinserting the butt plug he wiped the rabbit and her pussy saying that he did not want her husband to notice anything different when he returns, “we aren’t going to say anything to your husband about what happened here are we misses” , “if you do I’ll be back and I won’t be using a paddle on your cute arse, I will be bringing my whip” Jan replied, “well I was not happy when you first came in to my room, but I have never had such a strong orgasm and that is thanks to you, so no I won’t say anything, there again, perhaps I should, the whip sounds exciting.

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Michiru kaioh
I think deep down inside we all want to be hoed out ik i do