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#205309 - Would you please take care of these for me, she asked softly!?! Sure, he replied, laying down on his back across the thighs of Anna, with his head at Edith's chest. That meant that not only were you satisfying your own sexual desires, but that you were also putting on a show for your fellow club members! Many a party had ended with someone saying that the most satisfying moment for them had been watching another member having an orgasm! This rule seemed to form a bond among everyone present at the parties, as everyone had seen everyone else in various sexual situations, and it made it very easy to empathize with someone who you knew had just been able to satiate a sexual need. Curt now growing more excited seeing the little girl cum, drove his cock in farther, and again Mindy couldn't help herself, being stretched to the limit, she came again, while many of the women were now also having cums of their own! It was stunning to see this tiny little girl being skewered by t

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