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#162220 - Saturday morning I make breakfast while Toni is in the shower we talk have coffee I shower and wait for the text from my new friend, a short time later he says he is about to turn on my street I tell him I will be ready and tell Toni it’s time to be my sex slave and bring her to the bedroom which already has the door ajar I tie her to the bed and place the blind fold then get the camera I had set on the tripod earlier in my closet . We talked a while more and he agreed I told him we would have to wait till my daughter and granddaughter left for a long weekend or vacation. while in the car she would lift her skirt and play with her pussy as I drove and she was moaning and teasing along the way telling me wish you could have this now don’t you! During this time I started talking of a new fantasy where I would tie her up and blindfold her then I could do whatever I wanted even have a someone else fuck her, I always loved showing her off or have her bring home a come filled pussy so she c

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