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#38967 - “It’s a work of art, mistress” “Well, sometimes the best art is only temporary” the mistress sighed, picking up the clippers and springing them back to life. Angela twisted her newly pierced nipples, now stimulating all of her slave’s newly jeweled spots with some part of her, licking every inch of her cunt and stimulating each new ring in circles with her tongue as the slave lost control over the gyration of her wide hips. “So, black is your favorite?” she said, walking over to Tiffany, still stretched in her shackles.

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Shiiko kotobuki
Who doesn t
Chika itou
Thx sweety
Usually i prefer the slim asians with little asses and tits but thus freya is fine
Takeru shirogane
Its not so funny for herto call her grandma hahahathis model looks mats to young