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#100779 - Walking back through into the room I noticed that Laura’s friend had taken over the sofa so I settled for the chair. Opening the door in just my trackies, there was a girl that stood around 5 ft 6 with long blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes stood outside, “hi, I’m Laura, I live just across the hall” I was a bit stunned that this girl was standing outside my door “hey, I’m Bradley” I replied being polite “I think you dropped this as you where moving some things” she held out the wallet that was in her right hand “thank you, would you like to come in for a drink” I offered thinking that she would turn it down “yea sure” she replied, a little shocked I opened the door and watched as she walked towards the sitting room, I closed the door and quickly ran into my room to find a t-shirt before going through the sitting room I stood at the kitchen door “what would you like to drink” I asked “have you got anything string” she replied, I was a little shocked at her request, I walked in to the

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Rebecca hawkins
Had the wife in that same position the other day guess another round is in order