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#211850 - Her hips were beginning to hump my mouth and I know it was time to change tactics, I began with one hand on her lower stomach to steady her and with a single finger to fuck her, meanwhile an occasional flick of the tongue to her clit and kisses all over, her humping grow in tempo and so the number of my fingers as well, she was screaming now - YES,GOD,BABY,YES, FUCK ME!! I'M CUMING!!, OHH FUCK, I'M CUMING!! (I won't lie, me dick was harder then steel rods by now) and then I did my final move, the one that either gonna take her to the top or I would be up sheet creek without a paddle, the hand on her lower stomach became my arm up to the elbow, my lips now on her clit sucking hard and playing with it with my tongue, meanwhile my fingers now numbering 3, added a curving motion inside her pussy so her G spot was getting it's just desserts, all the while giving a silent prayer it will all work. then she stud up, wiped her lips and kissed me, I was dazed, she

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