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#203385 - When i arrived at his house he greeted me inside and we sat and had a beer, after 5 minutes of small talk we went upstairs to his bedroom, i was feeling a bit nervous. I suddenly felt a hand on my hips then it reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out, i stood there frozen as my cock slowly grew in his hand. After a few minutes of sucking i knelt down to reveal the favour and as i pinned his trousers back his huge cock fell out! i had never seen anything as big in real life, it must have been at least 8 and thick, i struggled to fit the end in my mouth and it was a struggle to fit my hand round his cock, i gagged due to my inexepreience as his cock grew and grew! less than a minute had gone by and his cock was as big as my arm! I was struggling to get any deeper without gagging, i was nervous but horny! He then stood me up and took me over to the bed, he laid me down and lubed his cock up, i didn't know how this was going to feel but he laid on top of me and slowly proceede

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