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#215622 - Instead Cindy was at the stove preparing the hearty breakfast of pancakes , eggs , bacon & orange juice they would all enjoy later . So for punishment , for dropping by without permission ,Rocky decided to piss down his mother-in-law's throat, dressed in her regular street clothes tshirt, jeans & short heels, Nina gulped down her golden champagne before she was told to go into Cindy's closet & get a collar & leash Meanwhile Esperanza swallowed the piss treat & awaited further instructions Esperanza sat on Nina's face , as Rocky began skullfucking the Colombian amazon Esperanza , Esperanza no longer had a gag reflex , so Master Rocky continued jabbing her til he hit the back of her throat , swallowing his load of goo , for Esperanza Rocky tasted like ice cream . Before she left to spend the evening with Rocky.

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