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#386196 - As he groped me and i massaged his cock i could feel it behind me ,it was about the same size as mine and every time he jerked my swollen cock up and down it pushed in to the crack of my ass slightly and began to arouse a lust in me i'd never felt before. since then over the years i had several 3 sommes with girlfriends of mine and random guys and male friends and their women but these were in a heterosexual sense both guys pleasuring the lady but not engaging in any bi or gay activities with each other. the feeling of being used by another man and his cock, to be made to do dirty things in public for all to see and join in if they wanted was intoxicating and as i drove home i knew i had to have more soon!.

Read Perfect Pussy 02:絶対最後に勝つアカリちゃんの話 - Original Yanks Featured 02:絶対最後に勝つアカリちゃんの話

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Kaere kimura
Mmm dam mmm
Am i the only one to think that looked like terrible sex think a sloth would go faster and probs give better head haha
Merci beaucoup