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#409051 - Alisa came home around 6:30 and asked what we wanted for diner , I said it didn’t matter anything was fine with me , she noticed Sherry was sleeping on the sofa next to me with her head on my lap and just shook her head and asked what is that all about ? I just shrugged my shoulders and said she must have had a good work out at the school or something , she came home and laid down and fell asleep . She was soaking wet and just giggled and wiggled her almost naked ass on my crotch giving me an instant erection . I work out at the gym 4 times a week and run every day , I drive a truck for a locale store delivering furniture to peoples houses so I get a work out then to .

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She moans a lot when he s not touching her at all
This is like fucked up icarly
I wanna play with her tits