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#160681 - Just me, shouted her best friend Priscilla through the closed door, can I come in?!? Sure, Pris, come on in, I'm almost finished here anyway, intoned Samantha as she went back to her barbering! Priscilla nearly burst through the door and took a seat on the closed toilet lid and asked, What in the hell are you doing, Sam, it looks like your taking it all off!?! Continuing with her shaving, Samantha replied, That's right, babe, I'm getting rid of all of it, with summer coming up, I want a nice clean look for my new bikini!!! Priscilla didn't answer for awhile, but watched intently as her friend scraped away her remaining pubes. Well, asked Samantha, how does it look!?! Like a five year old, Pris retorted quickly, but I have to admit that it does look sexy in an odd sort of way, how does it feel? Mmmmm, very erotic, the air is really cool on it, Sam replied softly, look at my clit, it's all puffed up!!! Priscilla leaned forward for a better

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