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#233548 - Ending the call Laura couldn’t take any more, if she had left it much longer she could, no would have screamed out how good it felt and dropped to her knee’s, Laura shook her head and panted for breath, she saw the women had moved on and blushed a little, but with that blush she also felt more turned on then she had in years, the idea of what she had done sank in and she grinned. “Was it good?” those were Tally’s first words when she saw Laura the next day and the answer was a big yes. Laura had to bite her lip to stop a loud moan from escaping her mouth as the vibrating started against her clit and pussy; it was just like the night before, shocks of pleasure shooting through her pussy, the vibrating plastic sending her clit into overdrive, she could feel her juice flowing uncontrollably from her pussy as another vibration started and her knee’s went weak, a little moan escaped her lips as she felt her orgasm beginning, she looked around quickly and was some women nearby loo

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Takane shijou
I hate when bitches piss my bed
The title threw me off lmao
Toshiro hijikata
Thats how i would have eaten that sweet and delicious pussy
Sawa okita
Same haha