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#278827 - Butt i cant reply cuz im suffocatin' in BOOTYmeat again so i point to my pants. PIMP MAMA dismounts my face & the rush of light blinds me so i don't see QUEEN B shove her right foot in my mouth, covered in my CUM CHOWDER, then her left! LICK IT UP BITCH, GET BETWEEN MY TOES TRIK!!! So i get every last drop and love it because i love QUEEN B & PIMP MAMA sooo much!!!!! Until the next episode of The Adventures of Tung Fu may A$$ always be in your face!! Tung Fu the Chocolate Dragon 8-P **********STAY TUNED 4 THE NEXT EPISODE*************** PIMP MAMA makes me the entertainment for her $ister's bachlorette party!!!!!. When she finally arrives at 6:45, she gets out her Lexus lookin sooo BOOTYFUL, like a BO$$! Jimmy Choo's is the first thing i see when she steps out then that Bootyball bouncin' in her designer DRE$$ with no panties(she never wears underwear).

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Kouhei akagi
Thats sick and illegal
Mitsuki bakugou
Them loops them loops
Yume asakura
He has a magnificent cock