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#326383 - There was so much piss raining down on her that her whole body was getting splattered by piss. He told her to open wide, and if she got lucky maybe she could get a taste of his delicious cum! Traci told Thomas to coat her worthless slutty face with his hot cum, and then make her taste her own ass by sucking his cock clean! Thomas roared that he was gonna drown this little ho in cum! The first shot of cum came flying out of his cock and landed above her forehead in her hair, he adjusted his aim and the next shot landed right in her eye, followed by a shot on her lips and three direct shots on her nose. The truth was Traci had went out to the apartment complex common area, and told any guy that was hanging around to come on up to the apartment and piss all over teenage slut.

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Rinko kobayakawa
Girls who dislike foreskins are closeted lesbians
Kozue takanashi
That chastity is love