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#153673 - The women among them told her that she too is a women frm outside and got stuck in the island and the men have fucked her numerous times and now she is enjoying in this place. both of them reamined inside the cave and the head fucked her whole night both had some rest and next day mom was seen lying in the bed with legs spread and her pussy is dripping lot of cum and some women went in and woke up mom and she cant even walk properly and they took her to small pool where there is some water and they washed her body and the women asked mom how is the fuck u enjoyed it ahh and mom smiled and she told mom u going to get screwed up by any men of the crew now hearing it mom was shocked to hear she was worn ornaments like that and was brought to a place and she was made to lie down. But the tribal head is the first men who can fuck her as he is going to marry her and the men now started to sound uhauhahuahahahhahuhuhuhuhuhauhuhauhuhahahahha and the head now put a chain over moms neck and he

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