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#380984 - Why someone gets fixated on a certain sexual desire or fetish is something for the psychologists of the world, all Jonelle knew, was that the mere sight of a large black erection made her cunt wet and her knees go weak. So that they would recognize each other, Jonelle would wear a red sweater vest and a Chicago Bears baseball cap, and Rod, his real name, would wear a black leather jacket and cowboy boots with silver toe guards. It felt so alive in her hand, and when she brushed over the bulbous head, it jumped a little, startling her at its sensitivity! Her mind was totally into seeing and feeling this strange and wonderful new toy when Rod brought her out of her reverie when he said, Let's get those things off, right now! Jonelle reluctantly released the black penis, and slowly removed her clothing, never letting her eyes leave the hardon that was pointing directly at her.

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