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#307712 - Righ after this you start slowly kissing and licking her soles and she slowly starts moaning Oh yes keep going that feels amazing The taste, the smell and her moaning make your dick rock hard but you know the footjob can wait for some time, you are just in heaven right now, her soles taste so good, the combination of her skin taste, the sweat,and the smell, make it taste even better then you would have ever imagined, after licking her soles for sometime you slowly move up her foot and start slowly sucking on her beautiful toes, you had been dreaming all day of sucking her toes with those beautiful red painted nails, and finally it was happening. You never really had a crush on her but damn, she has beautiful feet, to say the least. When you walk into the room again you see her siting on the couch with her beautiful feet freed of the flip flops, you can't stop yourself from looking at them for a quick sec god those soles look so good, i would just love to have them around my

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