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#165496 - i want to tell you about a strange thing that happend to me recently. she licked and nuzzled my aching tits, then licked her way down to my vulva, her fingers spread me open, and her tongue opened my slit, she flicked my clit and the best orgasm, i have ever had exploded inside me, i could feel my cum, dribbling right down past my anus, she busily, licked it all up then kissed me again, the taste was the same as when i finger myself and lick my fingers, except she saved some of my cum, and pushed it in my mouth with her hot tongue. Honey got out and dried off, in front of me, and i did not feel the least bit intimidated or shy, i got out and did the same, right up near her, i watched as she towelled her self off, watching her body, her titties were about 24b, her waist was slim and taught, and she had the nicest ass, even better than Amy my friend who had the nicest bum in the whole school, Honey dried her pussy last and she took her time doing it, she had a small blonde thatch ri

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Marik ishtar
Yes pls
Nina purpleton
Actually this is eva elfie