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#351932 - Take off you bra, child, ordered her teacher, and we'll find out exactly what size you should be wearing! With her breasts now bare in the cool office air, Millie's nipples stood out like two little erections, practically begging to be sucked! You have beautiful nipples, dear, said Andrea, just the type that men love to suck on, it would be a shame to have them attached to saggy boobs!!! Andrea took her time measuring the young girl's chest, taking the opportunity to feel and caress the supple tit flesh! When her fingers and hands would brush her nipples, Millie would involuntarily gasp, unable to control the sexual urges flowing through her! After the fitting, Andrea had Millie sit back down, but told her to leave her top off, as it would be necessary for her breasts to be naked for the next part of the meeting! Returning to her chair, Andrea continued on, Your mother also informs me that you masturbate at least once a day, is that about right!?! Now blushi

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