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#119376 - Master crouched down to be eye level with Brian and responded “When you said yes earlier, you agreed to be my slave for as long as I want. ” Clearly unbeknownst to Brian, who slowly moves up to stand straight, someone was around and they just happened to spot Brian walking into an empty house. Master tells Brian that he’s going to be sucking Master’s cock and like he mentioned earlier, if he doesn’t do it, his reputation is gone so Brian opens his mouth slowly then Master slowly shove his thick long cock in, thrusting lightly as this is probably his Slave’s first time sucking a cock but it won’t be the last, his mouth isn’t going to be the only hole with a cock going in and Master’s cock won’t be the only cock he’ll be servicing.

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I want a girl that i can cum on like that
Miho shinohara
Name please
Dahn tsukigata
Mmm want to do all that
Tamao kurei
From sheffield