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#37859 - Cotter fuck both of the woman one after the other!!! As the door silently shut, Drew saw both women lay down on the floor and spread their legs in anticipation of a good hard fucking!!! That evening back at his home, Drew ordered a pizza from the local shop and sat down to watch a little television! When the door bell rang, he grabbed a twenty from his wallet and opened the door, only to be faced with a pretty red headed pizza delivery man!!! She handed him the pizza, he handed her the twenty, and then, with just a thought, she came into his living room and showed him her fiery red furred pussy!!! As he buried his face into her hot muffy he thought, Just like the advertisement says, we deliver it hot or you get it free!!! THE END OF PART ONE. Cotter, let me escort you to your husband's office!!! He opened the door just in time so that both he and Mrs.

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