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#15920 - , make sure that their needs are taken care of in a most discreet manner!!! Both our male and female members, she continued on, receive sexual gratification through small openings in a wall separating them from the providers!!! The only thing visible to either party is the sexual organs of the other, thus total discretion is assured!!! Being a provider for men, she explained, you will sit in a small cubicle and wait for a member to stick his penis through the opening onto your side of the wall, where you will either turn away from him and let him take you from the rear, or if he so desires, you will go to your knees a fellate him to completion!!! Of course, she added, you will be paid for your services at the rate of fifty dollars per customer, do you have any questions!?! Uh, how long does a shift last, she asked softly, I mean, how many men will I have to service?!? It varies, Steffi replied, we like you to be available for at least and hour at a time, but if fo

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