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#77612 - Samantha sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide apart while she very carefully maneuvered the safety razor along her bulging vaginal lips, using tiny short strokes to remove the final remnants of hair from her eighteen year old pussy. Doesn't it sting, she finally asked, it looks like it burns like the dickens!!! Not too badly, Sam replied, and I'm going to rub it with baby oil when I'm finished, that should take away the sting! Pris looked doubtful, but held her tongue as Samantha wiped away the excess lather and dabbed away the remaining moisture with a fluffy towel. Sam was tall, blonde, and lean, with perky boobs and always erect nipples, while Priscilla was four inches shorter with dark brown hair, and an hour glass figure topped off with a set of 36D tits.

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