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#65573 - i put my thongs in the hamper and busy myself with something in my dresser waiting for you to come back fucinhigh08: i walk in with the window noticing you haven’t got dressed and covered up and smile at you as i walk in the room i’ll let you get dressed if you want before i start i say putting the window down and heading towards your door yankees2girl: “oh thanks, i forgot i’m so comfortable i giggle as i walk over to my dresser and start pulling out clothes and quickly taking off my shorts fucinhigh08: i stop and stare as you undress in front of me oh shit i say in shock your fucking body is incredible yankees2girl: i blush you think so? i stand up straight and do a cute little pose for you laughing fucinhigh08: ooo i do i say staring at your sexy body standing in front of me naked wow how old are you if you don’t mind me asking i say grabbing my cock “your body makes me so uncontrollably horny” yankees2girl: if you think my body makes you this horny,

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