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#202759 - Miller I do understand there was a hint of disappointment in his voice, I’ll tell you what how about you come over to my house as you normally do next Friday and instead of me going out with the girls, I can do you and the boys a meal and have a late celebration for your birthday how does that sound? That’s great Mrs. Miller! “Look Andrew please call me Amy tonight” Ok! As he stepped into the hall his eyes said it all! He could hardly take his eyes of me and stuttered the words? Wow Mrs. miller you look fantaaaassstic! “Why thank you Andrew” Look I’m sorry but the boys have gone away with there father for the weekend and I didn’t want to disappoint you again so I thought that you and I could celebrate your birthday together if that ok with you? Are you kidding me I would love to celebrate my birthday with just you? Great the sit down and I’ll get us a drink Wine be ok with you‘ Yes that’s great! As I went into the kitchen to get the wine from the fridge I undid my

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