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#128837 - this caught jacks attention whith the german woman gone in a burst of flames and oreos he flauterd over to the lady wich turned out to be a fucking squirrel sheleaptonhis genetils and bite themlike afucking motherbitch it hurt and itwas ugly but he said nothing like a soldier and just showed sadnessin his eyes he could hear janine in the background bier? boier? bier? sheasked ich bin alien. shesaid sadly before pushing her girlfriend out of the door who was in themiddle of earing money because of her wooden leg like the sun jack and the title opening jack thought this was the end of his story and he only had 100 characters left now less so he sat on the top of a hill and look at the sun go down while still now 800characters he heard the bar still going string and thought if he could justlearn to be homelesspeople would feel bad for him and like him ichhiesse janine said the foriegner i want pizza said a fat man fromtheback room well you can't have any you lknow what

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Yuuko kanoe
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